Patio Planter Box can build with its suitable components to patio stairs-shape, double-deck or other design as you like. In general, the dimension of single complete box is 19.5 inch length x 19.5 inch width and 15.75 inch height. Because of non-toxic, and heat-tolerant premium plastic using, the garden bed can retain necessary warmth. As well as, moisture for root development and manufacturing of it. Using a planter box will instantly improve your soil and other benefits include- low maintenance, weather resistant, and will not rot.

Solution of aesthetic gardening

Surprisingly, the 'Reinforced Plastic Materials and Self-Watering' and some much-needed features have made it excellent planter box for garden lovers in the world. And, solves imbalanced ambience in Patio Garden

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This planter box is made from reinforced plastic materials that making it tough, sturdy and 100% weather-resistant. Meanwhile, the material is high quality and environmentally-friendly.

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The design of self-watering disk provides extra space to reserve excessive water into this ‘Patio Planter Box’. After all, this watering idea for optimum plant health that helps your plants to make absorb freely.

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These types of garden bed are not only beautiful, but can be made to complement your patio and other outdoor decor. In addition, the decorative ‘Patio Planter Box’ has texture remarkably similar to real rattan. Also, a classic sense of style that is perfect for flowers and fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits.

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This planter box includes Free Return & Exchange within 120-day. After all, its professional manufacturing technology provides the best home and patio garden solutions.

In conclusion, its advanced installation design gives you a superbly convenient installation procedure. For multiple planters installation, connect the Base Plates first. Then, insert the Connecting Bars into the holders at the four corners of the Base Plate. And, Finally fit the protective caps onto the fasteners and insert 4 bars as legs under the Base Plate for complete installation. Usually, this is one of the best item about installing sitting arrangement set in the patio area under the Patio Set group. Rattan design on the side boards makes of this ‘Patio Planter Box’ elegant.

The position of Patio Planter Box in garden is an introduction to the elegant mood
Patio Planter Box

Different directions look-

First close looking view of Patio Planter Box
Look 01:
Second close looking view of Patio Planter Box
Look 02:
Third close looking view of Patio Planter Box
Look 03:
The level of Global Demand of the Patio Planter Box indicates, how far is it favorite to all?
United States 91%
Canada 98%
United Kingdom 78%
Australia 63%

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