Propane Patio Heater provides heat fast and covers a good area in a short span of time. Therefore, effectively warms up the space. The heat output of this patio heater is 48,000 BTUs for an 15-foot diameter heat range. These heat output units make it, the most powerful patio heaters on the market yet. Another major reason for widely used this heater in the patio or decks is the propane tank. That is easy to replace.

The solution to creating a warm environment

Surprisingly, the 'Anti-Tilt Automatic Shut-Off' machanism and some much-needed features have made it essential Propane Patio Heater globally. And, solves inconvenient environment due to fall of temperature.

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It comprises of a simple start-up ignition system to operate. This ignition system’s has a push button. Which helps to start this device easily. Thanks to its user-friendly, one-step, a simple ignition system for all. After all, it takes to light the heater with a push button.

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A nice alternative to a fire pit, the gas patio heater delivers quiet, soothing, consistent heat output of 48,000 BTUs. And, a range of up to 15 feet in diameter. There is no scope to worry about any smoke or open flames using this ‘Propane Patio Heater’.

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With the easy ignition start, it has variable heat-control knob. Usually, this allows you to set the temperature from low to high or vice versa. The variable heat control knob settings, turning the heater completely off at the end of the night.

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A wheel assembly with two smooth-rolling wheels in the bottom comes for ease of movement. In fact, wheels for smooth mobility, making it easily move from poolside to patio. Or, from one side of the deck to the other.

If you want a stylish looking product which makes your patio look beautiful or provides a wide area heating arrangement. Then, this ‘Propane Patio Heater’ is perfect for you. Heavy duty steel construction with a stylish finish options make it perfect. And, it’s fit for serious outdoor entertainers with big spaces in winter season. Safety tilt shut off valve and exceptional mobility despite their hefty size. Above all, everything has a peace of mind for a good long time. In fact, this is one of the best item on the patio essential accessory solution under the Patio Accessories group.

A Propane Patio Heater in an outdoor patio area, the protection of chill environment
Propane Patio Heater

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The level of Global Demand of the Propane Patio Heater indicates, how far is it favorite to all?
United States 72%
Canada 95%
United Kingdom 63%
Australia 51%

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